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Metal Brackets

We offer full lines of metal brackets, including Edgewise, Roth, and MBT series. The brackets are produced by different technology with elegant shape and smooth surface.

• Rounded corner and low profile to ensure patient comfort
• 80 gauge foil mesh base for increased retention
• Color coded markings
• Ball hooks integral part of casting
• 018 and 022 slot size

Gem Series:
• Most popular design and precision machining
• Available in Regular and Mini sizes
• Available in 345 hooks, 3 hook, or no hook


Jupiter Series:
• Advanced precision MIM technology
• Mini sizes in low profile
• Rounded corner for more comfort
• Higher grade 17-4 SS material



Galaxy Series:
• Advanced CNC technology
• Super precision on slots
• Super smooth surface
• Higher grade 17-4 SS material


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