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Self-Ligating Brackets


Our self-ligating brackets (SLB) is the ultimate solution for your sophisticated Class II and III cases

  • Secured passive locking with patented design
  • Offer torque options for different cases
  • More precise positioning, key to the efficiency
  • The mesial-distal width design makes archwire more flexible in early treatment. It leads to a fast alignment by light force and physical force during the treatment.

Lower torque brackets prevent the unexpected teeth declination towards lip.  Typical Cases :

  • light or medium crowded teeth
  • Lower central with long term Class II traction
  • Palatal dislocation, movement of lateral incisor

Standard torque for no obvious torque problem. Typical Cases :

  • Teeth aligned in normal
  •  Case of Class I

High torque brackets prevent unexpected teeth declination towards lingual. Typical Cases:

  • Scattered gap case to adduct anterior teeth
  • Upper central with long term Class II traction
  • Lower central with long term Class III traction

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